Monday, January 10, 2011

The tears have begun to fall, finally. Only a few but I know the rest will be along.

A large serving of foolisness with a drizzle of 'How could I be so wrong' ,

is giving me indigestion of the spirit.......

Some of us aren't meant to dream.

When pride and self respect pack their bags and leave home,

what's left?

Pain ?

I'm not fast enough to outrun this misjudgment.

This epic tresspass.

'CAUTION' tape hangs across the door ,the windows shuttered.

Someday, the memory will splinter and I won't stagger under thoughts of you.

I will be able to breathe again.

Abandon the fool's dream.

Imprison fantasies on the pages of books where they can do no harm.

This is the last time.

It will never happen again.


Tonya London Willman said...

I do not know where this flowed from. If from your very soul and you mean you shouldn't dream...well you know that is absurd. Go ahead and imprison your fantasies on paper, but never stop dreaming. Because a million flights of fancy, even over a specific object of affection, are worth it. Always worth it. The kindness of beautiful dreams comes from the hand of God. How can that be foolish?

Renee' B. said...

You and I are fellow(ette) bloggers. I found you through Tonya's blog. Isn't she wonderful? A brand new friend to me, but now my most loyal encourager!
Your heart is obviously broken, but your words are beautiful and will help heal your heart. My heart is broken as well, but God has brought great healing as only He can, as I have looked to Him for strength and comfort! Although we don't know each other, we have broken hearts in common. We can be survivors and find great joy once again. I pray He will comfort and encourage you! Keep writing your thoughts. People benefit from their therapeutic beauty. God bless you. I will visit again.