Monday, January 10, 2011

The tears have begun to fall, finally. Only a few but I know the rest will be along.

A large serving of foolisness with a drizzle of 'How could I be so wrong' ,

is giving me indigestion of the spirit.......

Some of us aren't meant to dream.

When pride and self respect pack their bags and leave home,

what's left?

Pain ?

I'm not fast enough to outrun this misjudgment.

This epic tresspass.

'CAUTION' tape hangs across the door ,the windows shuttered.

Someday, the memory will splinter and I won't stagger under thoughts of you.

I will be able to breathe again.

Abandon the fool's dream.

Imprison fantasies on the pages of books where they can do no harm.

This is the last time.

It will never happen again.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

My thoughts run in circles around your memory making me dizzy.
Carving deep paths in my brain so you can never be erased.

Your touch, gentle,
your lips warm
coax my shyness away

Holding me tight, you laugh in my hair.
I listen intently, branding myself with your sound.

I am your heartbeat as you are mine. My life, My love.
Old souls, misplaced for an age, newly discovered.
Reaching, nearly touching through time.

The sun has set and a soft rain has begun to fall. It floats through the glow of the street lights, sparkling as it covers the city. Wet fairy dust. I love the rain.

The hours between sunset and dawn, my favorite time, lures me with her mystery and soothes me with her peace.

Lady Day's harsh, shining light,shocks my eyes and burns my skin. She is necessary for survival but the moon is my friend.

I long to stand on the beach under a full moon listening to the roar of the ocean. Feel the power of the tide and tip toe through the waters of the great flood. Bathe in history.

My heart beats with the rhythm of the earth.

Forest draws me to itself. Cool, green stillness wrapping protectively around me.
A living fortress,mighty, secret keeper. Intruders Beware !
My name sighs through the leaves. I belong.

The music of life, an invitation to dance with wild abandon.
Freed to fly I kiss the stars, embracing the Universe.

I am a caged bird with a dream.